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Lower Boones 

Ferry Rd.

Lake Oswego

Oregon 97035

Near Bridgeport 

Village Mall


Cat Care B&B


Keep Your Cat Safe, Healthy and Happy


We know how important it is to find the right way to care for the cat members of your family when you are away. What if they get sick? What if they need medications daily? Won?t they be lonely?


Pet sitting services are good but what if something happens during the 23 � hours each day that they are not there? Cat boarding kennels can provide more observation but what if my cat ?picks up something? while there with all the other animals?


Cat Care B&B was created to provide loving care and close monitoring in a healthy environment. We worry about your cat's health and happiness so you don?t have to.


Unlike most cat kennels the facility was veterinary designed to provide the healthiest possible environment free of carpeting that can house ringworm, parasites and viruses. Special ventilation deters the airborne transmission of infectious agents.  Protocols guide the dedicated staff of care givers allowing each cats stay to be a healthy one.


As cat lovers ourselves we understand that it is stressful for our cat boarding guests to be away from home. Like the best Bed and Breakfast lodgings we take the time to get to know each cat?s unique personality, needs and preferences. Do they need extra cuddle time? Are they shy and prefer to hide? Are they in touch with their ?inner kitten? and need lots of time in the jungle-themed playroom?


If special care is required our skills enable us to give medications, injections and fluids if needed.  If your cat needs medical care while boarding with us, our feline exclusive veterinarians are on site to provide immediate attention. If you have a veterinarian that you know and trust we work closely with them when needed to provide any care necessary.


Just as importantly, at Cat Care B&B we provide you with piece of mind while you?re away.


Our loyal customers recognize the value in having both expertise and enduring compassion. That's why they've trusted us with their furry family members time and time again.


Click here for an online reservation or call 503-968-6000 for more information.